Do you already have the ring and don't know where to start? Contact us to go have a delicious coffee and we'll help you by answering every question and concern in a two-hour session where we can share the most important and relevant points about the execution of the wedding.



If you're only interested on receiving help the day of your wedding, we can collaborate with the execution on that day in order for you to be relaxed and have no worries, enjoying that special moment with no concerns. Our team is in charge of coordinating everything regarding your wedding.

Already have organized your entire wedding? We offer our services on the big day to make sure that all goes smoothly. We help you put all the details of your wedding in order for you celebrate carefree!

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Are you out of the country  you don't know where to start planning your wedding?
Distance shouldn't prevent you from planning your dream wedding. We have different ways to communicate in real time with the broom and the bride, having appointments using online providers, getting to know the places, testing the assembly and more. All of these tasks can be made even if you're out of the country or the city.




You already have many things early for the wedding, but your time is running out and you still need to solve many details such as the schedule, suppliers, confirmation of guests, etc. We can help you coordinate and execute what you need for your family and friends to be able to enjoy a perfectly planned day.



Organizing and executing a wedding is an adventure, managing to coordinate and program providers, locations, musicians and more is a difficult task that requires a lot of time and dedication. That's why each detail of your wedding counts! With personalized consultancy, we join your ideas together with our long experience tips in order to plan and execute your dream wedding.